Useful Books for Civil Services Aspirants - To be read post exam

So this is my first post in this group. Most of us are currently waiting for results and this is also the year end. So any of you booklovers who have a annual target ( My target is 25 books / year , but wont exceed 12 books this year as well ) , can go for some of these books which are academically oriented and will help you in the exam, but are not exactly UPSC books. 

#1 Poor Economics : If you have to understand Poverty, Hunger, Malnutrition and why nations remain poor, this is the book to go for. I read it in 2013 and re-read it in 2019 again. Now that Abhijeet Banerjee has won a Nobel, it makes all the sense for you to go for it

#2 Sapiens : A mind blowing account of human evolution. If you need a reason to read this one, a former IAS Rank 1 told me that a significant part of his answers were influenced by this book. :) Not trying to sell you this book, but it is a great read.

#3 What ails the IAS and why it fails to deliver. This is a pleasant read and has several case studies you can quote in your answers. But donot read it just for exam sake. Read it because its a good read :)

#4 The Paradoxical Prime Minister . Baer with me as I reveal to you that this book is only one part political. The rest is - Current Affairs : ) Tharoor has come up with his views ( which means the opposition views ) on all issues that concern Indian Polity - right from Uniform Civil Code, to Finance Commission to role of Governors. A good read again!

#5 Reasons to Live. This book by Matt Haig is on depression and how to fight it. It does not exactly offer a solution, but is quite a solace. A good read for all those who have an extended tryst with the Civils.

Which one is your favourite? 

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Out of the 5, I read Sapiens already. It's an awesome book and I believe it should be part of school curriculum. #mustread

Out of above five, I read only Sapiens and it is indeed a mind blowing book. Once finished,  It changes the way we look at this world :) 

My favourite book is Sapiens out of above five books because of I have read half of this book. So I find out this book is really useful in understanding human evolution.

I am currently reading Poor economics and sapiens, and am half way through in both. Poor economics is a good read and should definitely by read by IAS aspirants. Some case studies just blew my mind. And will also be able to appreciate the efforts of NGOs, especially PRATHAM and Seva Mandir.

@alankritbhatia6382  Which of these have you read? :)

Though I have not read any of the book mentioned in the list, but I will surely be reading these books soon. 

Recently I finished reading India grows at night by Gurcharan Das and Not just A civil servant by Anil Swarup. 

@alankritbhatia6382 Oh that is wonderful! Why dont you give a book review in a separate post in this group here? :)

I had a target of 5 books but after mains completed 7 in a row and now on my 10th book- Sapiens. But at the same time tempted to open the Poor Economics (Thank you! @Neyawn). Sapiens is a must-read and I agree with @enigma_lost that it can be part of the school curriculum

In the useful book category, I will suggest - Peace is every step: The path of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Han. I found it helpful while dealing with mains stress. It will not do any Miracle but is a great read and will surely make one appreciate the required effort for the exam.

@Tetsuko Poor Economics is to understanding poverty what sapiens is to understanding  ( even if fictionally) human evolution. Hold these books close, will hold you in good stead in the exam, and in the interview if book reading is a hobby.

Can you write a book review / book summary as a separate post in this group?

Sure @Neyawn I will do that, once I am done.

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