Request: if SFG tests on 14th and 16th December could be adjusted keeping in mind UPPCS Prelims on 15th December!!

On 15th December UPPCS Prelims will be held so please adjust dates of SFG test schedule. I have to travel to eastern side of Uttar Pradesh for that. And I guess there would be others as well. So if possible SFG# ForumIAS# @neyawn @root please do!!


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This is a valid request that can be catered to! Will pass on your message to the Academy Team!

Where is the SFG test 1 result and answer key?? 

Have communicated it to the Academy team guys. Most likelihood, the change will be made. It is expected that Monday Test will be shifted to Tuesday. So we will have two days continuous test - Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Please check the calendar tomorrow by evening.

Thanks for doing this @root and academy folks. tum jio hazaro saal, saal ke din ho ek hazaar!

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