All India Open Mock Test 1 || 1st Dec.

This is inform you that All India Open Mock Test 1 will be held on 1st Dec. Please visit for the registration. Registration is compulsory for all the students even if you are enrolled for any course/test series with us to attempt the open test.  Click here for Registration.
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Even I got a negative score at the end of the test.. 

Probably the key is wrong

Anyone else facing similar issues?

Have they provided solutions for the questions ?

Forum team communicated that result will be published on 3rd dec by 5pm 

Got 105.33. 62 correct and 28 wrongs. Made many blunders 4-5 questions.

77.33....long way to open test on 8th dec...GS score

Guys,  was this test synced with UPSC pattern...?? 

Anyone getting above 100 ?

Comment your marks we can at least get some idea about toughness of paper and our performance?

Got 97, no idea is it decent marks or not. 

Please provide a ranking 

Check the answers for questions 29, 41 and 49 they are wrong

WHERE IS THE RANKLIST?? Without it we cannot say as to where we stand ? ForumIAS please provide the same as soon as possible

@vivekk753733 got 73. need revision. test was upto UPSC standards. 
110+ woulve been good score. 

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