All India Open Mock Test 1 || 1st Dec.

This is inform you that All India Open Mock Test 1 will be held on 1st Dec. Please visit for the registration. Registration is compulsory for all the students even if you are enrolled for any course/test series with us to attempt the open test.  Click here for Registration.
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@vivekk753733  Great 


 , i got 87.5, more prep. needed , took admission in PPC

Where did you get your result,I am still searching for it.

check here

I got 89.33 score friends ... 

I think it's not up to the mark friends 

Any feedback on it ?

i got 97 but i think we are short of safe scores that is above 110... i guess.

Got 105.33. 62 correct and 28 wrongs. Made many blunders 4-5 questions.

Got 76 marks with 50 correct and 35 wrongs. Need lot of improvement. Joined sfg for same reason.

77.33....long way to open test on 8th dec...GS score

WHERE IS THE RANKLIST?? Without it we cannot say as to where we stand ? ForumIAS please provide the same as soon as possible

@Siddhurules they have provided the rank
Click on scorecard tab below your result

for the people who missed it.... can we get pdf for question paper???

Have they provided solutions for the questions ?
@vivekk753733 got 73. need revision. test was upto UPSC standards. 
110+ woulve been good score. 

@vivekk753733 totally agreed brother ...
Above 105 can be said better 

@Lone wolf can you provide the scanned copy of question paper. I registered but could not appear. And the solutions. I'll be more than grateful friend. 

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