Feature Request : ForumIAS Beta | Features that you would like

We are in the process of building Beta version of the community software that will have enhanced features, personalised wall, ability to block and ignore users, with groups and channels. 

We would like to have your inputs on this. Kindly suggest by commenting below and we"ll try to accomodate it.

root , musa


Top comment feature - The comment which is more relevant to question or by an expert or by an selected candidate at top. This makes it easy to find relevant answer for a problem. 

Reward points feature - for authenticity of writers on quest. For genuine and honest guidance to students.

Tagging & response feature - Lets say if people want to get response from a particular person on a really important issue, number of people will tag or number of likes. This will enable to meet demand of students from mentors.

Mental or emotional support feature- For better response from all to any need of a student. We are witnessing high levels of depression in upsc circles. Forum can be a starting point for this neglected aspect.

Thank you.

Something like a blue tick for selected candidates. Their opinion carry a lot of weightage, so aspirants should know it's coming from a genuine source(esp after Dawson incident on discuss).

This is a good suggestion. Verified profiles of rank holders / credentials.

Yes verified profiles would be a good update 

Also ability to ignore and block people.

There is no option to go back once we have scrolled through the post and comments. I can only go back to feed by using back button of the browser or by clicking on the website icon for which I have to scroll up. Something like wrap/un-wrap of post on click will contribute to the user experience.

+1 This makes sense. Thank you.

Currently the bookmark feature is limited to posts and not to comments or replies to comments. Having a bookmark feature for comments and replies to comments as well will be very handy. It is tedious to go through all comments of the bookmarked post when all we want to look for is a specific comment at a later point in time.

So something like an uparrow and downarrow like on Disqus and Pocket like symbol for saving comments? @vagabond 

Yes, having both these options will serve the purpose. :)

How do we create the trust score for a user profile? Can you guys provide some suggestions? 

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